Price:   88.75

Bias:  I'm very cautious about the downside from here - watch out for bullish reversal patterns

Daily Bullish:

Price resumed its decline on open this morning and has reached 88.23. I do see support in the 88.14-23 area - and good enough to provoke total reversal. However, if I look at the momentum position only the 8 hour, daily and weekly charts are showing potential for a bullish divergence. We must therefore be cautious and preferably wait for these to develop in the shorter time frame too. If we reach 87.10-39 consider this area also. Only an earlier break above 88.79 would provide earlier relief for 89.10 and the 89.45-50 pivot resistance - breach extends to the 89.10-50 pivotal resistance.

MT Bullish:

28th September: I feel that any time soon we shall find a major low to cause a larger reversal higher. 88.10-23 is one area to consider and then 87.10-39. Look for bullish reversal patterns.

Daily Bearish: 

There can be no argument about the downside right now except there is good support in the 88.14-23 area. Still, while longer time-frames momentum are showing bullish divergences the hourly & 4 hour are not. Thus we still need to acknowledge risk of slippage below 88.14 and if seen then we can expect extension to 87.80-88 where a pullback is possible and eventually the 87.10-39 area. At this point I feel it will hold. However, note further support levels at 86.72 and 86.24.

MT Bearish:

28th September:     Losses have been seen and have turned aggressive as we approach the major cycle low. There are three areas to look at from a reversal perspective - at this morning's 88.14-23 lows, at 87.10-39 and 86.24. Back above 91.58-62 confirms.

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