Price:   94.05

Bias:     While 93.80-84 supports the direction remains higher else expect a recycling of the correction back to 92.73-81

Daily Outlook:

I am aware of a basic duality in the structure but the 93.80-84 area is the key pivotal point and while it supports the major risk remains higher. A move back above 94.27-57 would extend gains through 94.82 and 95.20 en route the next larger resistance area around 95.69. Expect a pullback from there. Further resistance lies at 96.02 & 96.66...

Break of the key 93.80-84 pivotal area would delay the rally and instead generate losses through to the 93.33 pivot support and 92.98 en route the 92.74-81 area. I still feel this will hold and would be where we should consider bullish trade set ups if seen...

Medium Term Outlook:

30th April:      While 92.74-81 supports the risk is still higher towards 94.77-89 again and then 95.62 followed by 96.02 with 96.66 and 97.26 the next stronger resistance.… I tend to favor an eventual test of 97.26…

This means we can raise the reversal level to 92.74 now

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