Price:   92.17

Bias:  Cautiously we should see a reversal higher today

Daily Bullish:

Losses have developed in line with expectations albeit a lot more erratic than I would have liked. I can't even rule out that we've seen the low this morning at 91.94. A break above 92.20-27 should confirm a return to the 92.95-05 area. However, probably that's all we'll see today whether it comes directly or from the favored 91.56-74 support. Above 93.05 would then target the 93.43-80 area and above there is resistance at around 94.24-34.

MT Bullish:

2nd September: We should now find a good strategic buying area at 92.03 (max 91.70-74) which should generate a recovery back to around 94.38.

Daily Bearish: 

Although the 91.94 level could end up as the low I feel that we should see one more test lower. The 92.20-27 area should ideally hold for this. Indeed, it could turn into a complex sideways consolidation first but as long as the resistance holds the risk remains lower for one more dip to 91.70-74 (the ideal target) but we should allow for just a little more with the 91.56 level providing ultimate support. Thus, only below 91.55 would extend losses directly to the next support at 90.77.

MT Bearish:

2nd September:    The decline is developing perfectly and should stall at 92.03 (max 91.70-74) and we should then look for a strategic selling opportunity around 94.38. Only directly below 91.70 extends to 90.77.

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