Price:   92.23

Bias:     I look for losses down to 91.03-27 but then a pullback

Daily Bullish:

The 93.13-33 resistance held and forced a move lower to 92.18 which has been penetrated as I write. This should maintain the bearishness for a move to 91.27 minimum and potentially 91.03. This is the area where I feel we should be watching for bullish set ups. We could easily see price back towards the 92.20-70 area. Thus, only a break above 92.75 would extend gains back into the 92.20-35 area once again. Still take care there. Only above would begin to suggest a move to 94.16 and maximum 94.54.

MT Bullish:

4th January:     We have reached the 93.03-30 target. Only above extends to resistance between 93.77-90 and 94.54. Only above the higher resistance would force me to consider an alternative, much stronger structure that would imply 95.58-89 and 97.86.

Daily Bearish: 

Yesterday's early break of 92.68 extended losses to just below 92.24 but then a pullback. I feel the 92.70 area is toppish and most likely we have seen the corrective high already at 92.68. This implies that losses should continue through 91.85-00 and down to 91.27 and possibly 91.03. However, I feel this should be enough for today and the rest of the day should see a recovery higher. Any break of 91.00 would open up a ratcheting move down to 90.78 and 90.28.

MT Bearish:

 4th January:  The 93.13-31 still remains important to me and while this holds we could see price drop back into range. I suspect the next month or two will see broader sideways trading above the 84.82 low.

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