Price: 96.68

Bias: I feel the 96.60-65 area should be reached today and spark a reversal back to 97.78

Daily Bullish:

There is no real change from yesterday's analysis but today should see the 96.60-65 area reached and from here I'll be looking for a stronger rally. Resistance around 97.02 should hold while the downside is in progress. From the 96.60-65 support the first move should be back to 97.20. This should cause a correction but once broken should extend gains back to the 97.78 high around where there should be a pullback that should stall in the 97.10-30 range. The next rally should then push above 97.78 to reach the 98.88 area...

MT Bullish:

10th August: There appears to be room for gains to 98.88-93 but only a break there would imply a stronger bullish move to 99.51-74 - and if this breaks then back to the 101.43 high.

Daily Bearish:

Yesterday's decline was painfully slow but it should complete today around 96.60-65. Only a break here would concern and while we should still be aware of support around 96.41 I feel that if we start seeing losses then we are more likely to reach 96.21 and then 95.80-88. A correction should develop from around here. Also note quite firm pivot support at 95.40-50 - then the swing low at 94.35.

MT Bearish:

10th August: Only below 96.41 and then 95.40 would open up potential for losses back to 94.35 and below there a move back to the 91.74 low.

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