R: 1.1592 / 1.1655 / 1.1697
S: 1.1546 / 1.1500 / 1.1395
Dollar-Swiss plunged sharply during the day as it broke the channel on the downside but has bounced form there as it now tries to break past the Resistance region of 1.1545-60 which was earlier a good Support area. We shall have to wait and watch if this was just a false break prior to the US NFP data or it has paved a way for it to move in that direction post the data release.

If it continues to keep the channel intact, we could possibly be seeing an upside going forward. But for that we have to watch the data release closely.

GBP-USD @ 1.4219/23...May be Shorted near 1.45
R: 1.4257 / 1.4291 / 1.4338
S: 1.4182 / 1.4157 / 1.4118
Cable has managed to stay above the 1.40 level and even recorded a high of 1.4288 after facing Resistance from the 200-MA Resistance on the 4-hour charts. A rise past the 21-day MA at 1.4341 could see some significant rise towards 1.45 but eventually it may dip as Cable is overall in a bearish mode for quite some time now. A sharp dip towards 1.45 should be a good time to go Short.

AUD-USD @ 0.6407/09...May be Shorted near 0.65
R: 0.6426 / 0.6481
S: 0.6317 / 0.6285 / 0.6071
Aussie for quite sometime now has been clinging on to the 21-day MA line but not surging on a break past this Resistance. One can look for shorting opprtunities on a rise towards 0.65 if seen during the US session. The range of 0.6285-0.6500 continues to be honoured as the pair trades in between this range. The longer term channel, too continue to hold on the daily charts.