Obama rallies Democrats on healthcare overhaul

President Barack Obama on Sunday urged Senate Democrats to work out their differences on healthcare reform and pass what will be the most significant social legislation in decades. Read Full Article here.

Low interest rates lure banks to take risk: study

Rock-bottom interest rates are luring banks into taking risky bets and central banks should be alert to the negative effects of loose monetary policy on financial stability, a high-profile study showed. Read Full Article here.

U.N. talks on climate turning point set to start

U.N. talks billed as a turning point in a bid to slow global warming open on Monday seeking to agree curbs on greenhouse gas emissions and raise billions of dollars for the poor in aid and clean technology. Read Full Article here.

UN Climate Chief: Hacked emails were planned and well-funded

UN's climate science body said that the Climategate controversy was the work of a well-thought plan and the hackers were probably paid to do it. Read Full Article here.

Dollar faces crosswinds: report

The U.S. dollar faces crosswinds as some of the extraordinary market developments that fueled the currency's sharp appreciation in the second half of 2008 fade or even reverse, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said. Read Full Article here.

In break with past, no more passing the buck at Opel

The new head of Opel promised investments in new models and pledged to put an end to business as usual at the General Motors brand -- addressing two key grievances by unions when he outlined his turnaround plan this weekend. Read Full Article here.

Quarter in U.S. foreclosure plan late on payments

More than one-quarter of homeowners receiving help under a U.S. government foreclosure prevention plan are behind on their new mortgage payments, a Treasury Department survey has found. Read Full Article here.

Amazon says no plans to open physical stores

Amazon.com Inc , the world's largest online retailer, has no plans to open stores anywhere in the world, it said on Sunday, in response to a report it was planning to open high street shops in Britain. Read Full Article here.