Fed says U.S. recovery is underway

The Federal Reserve on Wednesday upgraded its assessment of the U.S. economy, saying growth had returned after a deep recession, while reiterating its promise to hold interest rates very low for a long time. Read Full Article here.

U.S. credit card defaults rise to record: Moody's

The U.S. credit card charge-off rate rose to a record high in August, as more Americans lost their jobs, Moody's Investors Service said on Wednesday, in another sign consumers remain under stress. Read Full Article here.

Obama to world: U.S. can't fix it all alone

President Barack Obama pressed world leaders on Wednesday to help confront challenges ranging from the war in Afghanistan to nuclear standoffs with Iran and North Korea instead of expecting the United States to do it all alone. Read Full Article here.

China open to G20 talks on new economic balance

A U.S. drive to build a more balanced global economy gained the qualified support of China on Wednesday in a sign that Group of 20 leaders may be ready to take joint action to prevent future economic crises. Read Full Article here.

U.S. accounting change might help tech companies

U.S. accounting rule makers approved a change in reporting regulations on Wednesday that might benefit technology companies such as Apple Inc , allowing them to recognize more revenue when products are sold. Read Full Article here.

Google CEO sees one small acquisition a month

Google Inc expects to buy one small company a month as it rekindles its acquisition engine and moves beyond the worst phase of the global recession, Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said in an interview on Wednesday. Read Full Article here.

Carmakers favor U.S. ban on texting while driving

Automakers backed calls to ban drivers on U.S. roads from text messaging with cell phones and other hand-held devices, an issue gaining attention from the Obama administration and Congress. Read Full Article here.