Palm's loss smaller than expected, sales strong

Palm Inc reported a smaller-than-expected loss on strong smartphone sales, sending its shares 6 percent higher on Thursday. Read Full Article here.

AT&T, Verizon chiefs give mixed economic outlook

Top U.S. telecom executives gave a mixed outlook for the U.S. economy on Thursday, citing a lack of job creation, even as AT&T Inc CEO said the company will add more mobile customers this quarter than last. Read Full Article here.

Sprint CEO:phone exclusivity limits may make sense

The head of No. 3 U.S. mobile service Sprint Nextel Corp said on Thursday that it is fair for the U.S. government to ask whether handset exclusivity deals should have time limits. Read Full Article here.

Scientists create digital models of World Heritage sites

A team of British scientists is preparing to create a digital model of Mount Rushmore using laser scanning so that the iconic U.S. monument can be recreated were it to be damaged. Read Full Article here.