Dajuan Porter of Harrisburg, Pa., has been arrested on charges of stalking men and performing oral sex on them as they slept. 

According to CBS affiliate WHP-TV, Porter, 27, would break into the homes of men he saw at clubs and sexually assault them. 

The first incident of Porter allegedly assaulting men was reported in May 2011, when a man fitting his description climbed a victim's fire escape and broke in, police said.

Earlier this year, another unsuspecting victim said he fell asleep at Porter's house after a party, and woke up to Porter performing oral sex on him as well. The most recent case was last month, where yet another victim passed out drunk and woke to find Porter giving him fellatio, reports WHP-TV.

"He actually tried it on me overnight," a man who asked to remain anonymous told the CBS affiliate.  "I violently woke up because I felt a hand go down my pants." The victim proceeded to kick Porter out of his home.

Porter has been charged with three counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, three counts of sexual assault and burglary. He remains in jail until he makes bail, and it is possible that there are more than three victims.

This is not Porter's first time being accused of satisfying his sexual appetite on unaware victims. While in jail last year in Maryland, Porter was charged with sexually assaulting his cellmate while he slept, according to NewsOne.