“Dallas” Season 3 ended Monday, Sept. 22, with a special two-episode finale. Both episodes, “End Game” and “Brave New World,” centered on the resolution of Ann (Brenda Strong) and Emma’s (Emma Bell) kidnapping by the cartel and the Ewing family’s attempts to get their business back. The season finale was full of twists and betrayals and at the end of the episodes it appeared as if one of the Ewings was left dead.

At the end of episode 13, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) went to the cartel to make a deal for Ann and Emma, but he could only choose one. In the finale, he chose Emma, but the cartel sent back Ann instead. However, John Ross (John Henderson) traded himself for Emma in exchange for selling the cartel more shares of Ewing Global. Then, a C.I.A. Black Ops team rescued John Ross.

As for the company, thanks to John Ross and Pamela’s (Julie Gonzalo) deal with Nasir (Pej Vahdat) and the C.I.A. voiding the cartel’s purchase of Ewing Global shares, Pamela has the company. However, she told John Ross she would be keeping it for herself and taking control.

Fans, though, will be talking about the end scene where it was revealed that Elena is pregnant, likely from Nicholas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), who maliciously damaged her birth control.  Nicholas is taking over the cartel now and had some revenge planned for the Ewings. In the final moments of the "Dallas" Season 3 finale, Elena was on her way to Christopher's car (Jesse Metcalfe) when the car blew up ... with Christopher inside!

Is Christopher dead? Fans have a long wait for Season 4 to find out if one of their favorite characters is dead, but it was certainly an exciting ending to Season 3 of “Dallas.”

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