“Dallas” returns Monday night, Aug. 18, with the premiere of the second half of Season 3. The drama begins again at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT with the mid-season premiere, “Denial, Anger, and Acceptance.” The remaining episodes promise a whole slew of twists and turns, affairs and betrayals, but fans might need a bit of a refresher as to how the mid-season finale left off for the Ewing family.

The mid-season finale opened with Pamela receiving the video evidence that John Ross and Emma were having an affair. This news put Pamela into a depressed state for the episode that also involved her lashing out at Sue Ellen and Anne for helping to keep the secret.

Meanwhile, Christopher, after more or less proposing to Heather, must now help her get her son back, whom Bo took before disappearing. He searched for the boy with Bobby, who needed to get away from his wife, Anne, after finding out about the John Ross and Emma affair.

John Ross, on the other hand, was preoccupied playing games, both in and out of the bedroom. He confronted Judy Ryland, and they both vowed to protect their families, with Judy promising to reign in Harris, who had planned to frame John Ross for statutory rape. However, unknown to John Ross, Emma was hiding in the room and overheard just a bit too much, appearing to finally agree with her grandmother that she needed to “leash” John Ross.

As if the family wasn’t doing a good enough job tearing themselves apart, Drew Ramos showed up in Nicholas’ car claiming to be out for blood against the Ewings. Nicholas, in turn, called the cartel to control Drew.

The scandal continued in the "Dallas" mid-season finale when Anne visited Harris while stressing over the affair. He comforted her over a drink before apologizing for his mother and their failed relationship  -- then kissing her, all under the watch of Judy.

However, the most scandalous and shocking moment of the mid-season finale came when John Ross met Emma at a hotel. Pamela emerged from her sulking to crash the party and initiated a threesome. John Ross was hesitant at first, but enjoyed himself before Pamela started to overdose on the pills he found in her coat.

The mid-season finale concluded with Christopher and Bobby returning home to Southfork. after finding Heather’s son. They discovered the house on fire with Bo’s car outside. To make matters worse, Sue Ellen was passed out inside after drinking again, following the stress of John Ross’ affair. Christopher and Bobby made it inside just in time for the roof to collapse, leaving fans on the edge of their seats wondering who, if anyone, would make it to Monday night’s premiere.

Who set the fire and did anyone make it alive? And, assuming Pamela survived her overdose, what’s next for her and John Ross. Fans will start to find out Monday night when “Dallas” returns at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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