“Dallas” returned on TNT Monday night with the midseason premiere and fans finally got some answers to the questions they’ve been asking the Season 3 mid-season finale in April. The premiere episode was called “Denial, Anger, and Acceptance” and all three were on display with nearly the entire episode taking place in the hospital as the family dealt with the aftermath of the fire.

Despite an alcohol binge, a drug overdose, and Southfork burning down, everybody escaped the mid-season finale alive. Now the family must find out who is responsible and repair the torn relationships. Everyone seems ready to blame Bo, but Heather does not want to tell her son that his father is a monster. She pleads with Christopher to wait and see.

While Christopher and Bobby tend to Sue Ellen, Pamela is wheeled in by the EMT’s straight from her threesome overdose with John Ross and Emma. Her overdose causes Bobby to blow his fuse with John Ross and order Emma out of the house. Sue Ellen, when she finds out, also refuses to talk to John Ross. John Ross, on the other hand, is furious with Emma after suspecting her of sending the video to Pamela.

Matters are made worse when Judy Ryland shows up to pick up Emma and tells Bobby about Anne’s kiss with Harris. Bobby, already fed up with Anne’s lies,  is devastated by his wife's actions with her ex.

Then, John Ross and Emma each get a talking to by their elders. Bobby first tries to talk some sense into John Ross, imploring him to be a better man. Judy coaches Emma to be strong and seek revenge on John Ross and the Ewing family.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Sue Ellen is frantically searching for alcohol when she remembers setting John Ross’ wedding invitation on fire. Sue Ellen realizes that she was responsible for the Southfork blaze, clearing Bo’s name to Heather’s relief. Sue Ellen confesses to Bobby, Christopher and Anne and admits she’s an alcoholic.

John Ross is finally able to speak to Pamela. However she rejects his appeal for a second chance, coldly kicking him out of the room. Bobby does the same, telling Anne he needs space while surveying the ruins of Soutfork.

However, the most shocking revelation of the episode came from outside of the hospital. Nicholas and the cartel have been holding Drew Ramos to prevent him from jeopardizing their plans. Nicholas fails to convince Drew to reign himself in, and it's revealed that Drew was the real person responsible for the fire -- leading the cartel to shoot him dead.

The Ewing family should probably find a way to come back together soon, because it sure seems like trouble is on its way. Fans will have to wait to tune in for episode 10 on Monday, Aug. 25 on TNT.

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