The amount of curveballs thrown in Dallas Episode 3, titled The Price You Pay, would have any fixed viewer's head spinning.

J.R. and John Ross team up? Christopher and Elena kiss? Rebecca is more devious than one could ever have imagined?

Alas, we get ahead of ourselves.

Episode 3 of TNT's hottest new TV show opened with J.R. Ewing and his son John Ross enjoying a nice shave at one of the most luxurious-looking barber shops one could imagine. Although J.R. reveals that he knows about John Ross and Marta's scheming ways, he is shockingly understanding about it all. He admits that he was not a present father and moves to team up with his son to reclaim Southfork.

Who could've seen that coming? Last week, J.R. and John Ross were plotting against each other for control of the beloved ranch.

However, actor Josh Henderson revealed that the drama between his character and his character's father has only just begun.

That sets up the game between J.R. and John Ross and sets up the battlefield, actor Henderson told Entertainment Weekly. We're both feeling each other out. He knows he can't really trust me, and he feels like he's one-upped me. But John Ross is a mover and a shaker, and I always try to stay one step ahead of him.

The stakes become huge. Huge in the sense of money, pride, and safety -- it gets dangerous. It's juicy.

Ooh! Sounds scandalous.

Moving on.

J.R., John Ross and Marta negotiate a deal with a deal with a Venezuelan oil man about the shifting sale of Southfork. J.R. thinks that he has this issue in the bag, that no one can outsmart him, but Marta gives the oil man a devious look as she leaves his mansion, which can only mean that she is plotting behind the Ewings' backs. Marta was supposed to be working for Bobby, then for J.R., then for John Ross and now, who knows? At the end of last week's episode, Marta drugged John Ross and filmed their hotel tryst for no discernible reason. She is clearly up to no good.

She also might be addicted to prescription medication, as we see her popping a pill after speaking with J.R. and John Ross; but that will probably be revealed in greater detail later in the season.  

Alas, all Marta's scheming might be for naught since Bobby finds out he is healthy again. After surgery successfully removed the tumor, Bobby's hopes are high once again. He tells Ann that he might not need to sell Southfork after all since he knows he will be around to take care of the family.

When John Ross finds out about the possibility of Southfork going off the market, he devises a plan. He asks one of J.R.'s nursing home friends to call Bobby, pretend to be J.R.'s doctor and suggest that J.R. should move back home to Southfork for his health. So, J.R. moves back to the ranch in order to reach his target at a closer range.

On move-in day, J.R. comes in to find Bobby with Cliff Barnes, the man who took J.R.'s oil business from him at the end of the original Dallas TV series.

Time has not been kind to that face. But I do recall the smell of brimstone and crazy, J.R. says to Cliff. J.R. knows that Cliff is up to something and wants to get his plan in motion as soon as possible.

He goes to the family archive room, where Ann finds him reading through the memorabilia. He tells her that his doctor said it would be good for him to revisit his past. Of course, this all is all part of his grand scheme. He went into the archive room to find his mother Miss Ellie's journal to give to his son John Ross and leverage to reclaim Southfork.  

At breakfast, John Ross storms into Southfork, blackmailing his uncle Bobby with information from his mother's journal. He specifically mentions her time in a mental institution, probably as reasoning to fight against her will. The next day, Bobby signs over Southfork to the conservancy and hands it over to Mitch, who later demands $5 million from John Ross or else he will go to the police.

So, all of the Southfork business aside, another huge plotline in Dallas Episode 3 was the love triangle that is Elena-Christopher-Rebecca.

Christopher and Elena have been working together to try and figure out the methane drilling problem. Sparks clearly fly between the two former lovers and Christopher seems to be spending a lot of time in the office instead of at home with his wife.

Rebecca asks Elena to lunch and reveals that she feels intimated by the beautiful girl who stole Christopher's heart years ago. She asks about his childhood and their lives on Southfork. Elena reveals all the pressure he has been under to live up to the Ewing name as Bobby's adopted son.

When Christopher finds out his father sold Southfork and that he has cancer, he becomes angry and upset. He runs right into the arms of Elena, telling her how he has been shut out of his father's life and how he does not want to be treated like a child anymore. The two share a teary kiss, but Christopher pulls away,

Christopher could seem like the bad guy, since he just got married and all, but Rebecca is not who she appears.

Last week's episode of Dallas revealed that Rebecca and her brother are actually out for their own personal gain. Tommy says things like there is a ton of money on the line and toasts to their mutual success. What are these two up to? Did good girl Rebecca ever love Christopher?

In Episode 3, Tommy snaps a photo of Christopher and Elena kissing. He sends it to his sister as a sort of reinforcement to plot against his sister's new husband. Tommy wants Rebecca to get him access to Christopher's personal computer. And although Rebecca told him she never has the opportunity, viewers see her sitting in front of the laptop with a clear shot. She obviously has reconciliations about following her brother's demands. But, after he sends the photo and she thinks Christopher is cheating on her, Rebecca goes to install a program that will give her brother remote access to his computer.

But, Christopher comes striding through the door and apologizes to Rebecca for being distant and confused. After recommitting his love, Rebecca throws away the program and embraces her new husband. She seems like a woman who just wants to be a good wife, regardless of how things started.

The biggest revelation of the night came at the very end, when John Ross meets up with his secret eye who says he does could not find much information on Mitch, who is blackmailing John Ross, but he did find who sent the email.

Someone by the name of Rebecca Sutter, says the sleuth.

Dallas Episode 3 ended with that flying curveball, leaving viewers wondering: Why has Rebecca been plotting to marry Christopher all along? What are her and Tommy up to? Can a confession make everything better?