The damage control team is not liking what they are seeing from this morning's Bloomberg article.  The message being sent out is once Geithner was nominated for Secretary of the Treasury he was recused from all decisions.  While the original emails appeared to have started right before Geithner's nomination in late 2008, the following 4 months came after he had been nominated.  Of course Geithner did not take office until January 2009 so if we are to believe the Wizard of Oz, Tim was heavily involved in this (because as we were told the only person on Earth who could replace Hank Paulson was Tim Geithner) so despite his branch of the Federal Reserve starting these directives just before he was nominated he had nothing to do with it.  Instead we are to believe, in the few months before he began his job as Treasury Secretary he was recused from everything and not involved.  Although he was the only man on Earth not named Hank Paulson who was involved enough with everything to take over.

How convenient.

This also leads to the question of WHO(m)? was behind the decision if not Tim?  Someone apparently with no name.

The spin continues....