State-controlled Syrian television said that a series of mortar rounds exploded on Thursday near the Syrian Army General Command in central Damascus, the Associated Press reported. The government said there were no casualties because the building was empty.

Also Thursday, a car bomb rocked the capitol, exploding near the Russian embassy and the headquarters of the ruling Baath party, CBS News said. The government said there were casualties, among whom were children.

Explosions have been increasing in Damascus. In the last two days there have been several mortar attacks, and a car bomb blew up at a security checkpoint in the capitol that reportedly killed at least 32 people.

On Wednesday two mortars exploded near a football stadium in the center of the city, killing one athlete. He has tentatively been identified as Youssef Suleiman. The day before his death two mortars detonated near one of President Bashar al-Assad’s palaces.