It's Unenjoyment Day !

Yes the first Friday of the month and time to release the monthly unemployment numbers at 7:30 C.S.T.
How shocking or bad will it be?
One can only guess.
As I write stocks are coming in weaker and the U.S. Dollar is steady to lower.
Meanwhile the December Corn had a continuation of Thursday's slide.
The December Corn was off another 1 1/2 cents at 338 3/4.
The trading range was 340 to 332 1/4.
Upcoming weather in Corn Country should be conducive to Corn.
Hot and muggy weather with rains won't hurt.
The only thing that will slow the bears down is crop damage with the strong thunderstorms.
Is it too little too late ?
We our in the dog days of summer and finally experiencing summer weather.

On the Energy Front we have a rangebound market.
September Crude Oil has tested the $72 level and pulled back again.
I remain bearish in this sector for the time being.
I only wish we had more speculators in this market to show Fair Market Value !