Friday October 30th 2009

Good Morning and Happy Hallows Eve !

After yesterdays breakdown in the U.S. Dollar we are trading 17 higher in at 7623 1/2 currently. This has put pressure on the December Corn which is trading 3 cents lower at 376 1/2 as I write.The range is 383 1/2 to 375.With rains crossing the plains mid-west and delta this weekend further pressuring harvesting of Corn & Soybeans. I look for traders to put their Bull Horns on again. On the Energy Front what can you say after yesterdays action. The U.S. Dollars continued weakness had the complex soaring coupled with a bullish Natural Gas Inventory number that showed a build of  25 billion Cubic Feet versus the guesstamate of 31 Billion Cubic Feet. We are easing off yesterdays rally and await what traders are thinking going into the weekend.

Don't forget to turn back your clocks!
Day light Savings time end this weekend.

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