Good Morning !

Great day to drink tea and have plenty of warm soup ! The December Corn is trading at 367 1/2 as I write which is down 1/2 of a cent as I write.The trading range is 369 1/2  to 367.This is a very tight trading range. Maybe it's just too cold to trade Corn.Seriously folks in the big picture I expect we will be trading much higher.

We should get a good education with today's Crop Production Report. This is due out at 7:30 C.S.T. Other report data due out at the same time which will impact the market are Export Sales, Jobless Claims, U.S. Trade Balance and U.S.D.A. Supply & Demand.

On the Energy Front we have the weekly E.I.A. Gas Storage which will be released at 9:30 C.S.T.

The expected number is a draw of 46 Billion Cubic Feet. The U.S. Dollar is trading lower which could strike a big rally in the Commodity Sector..

We wait to decipher the many report data today !]Professiona>Forex Trader Library
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