Good Morning !

The March Corn is currently trading at 398 3/4 which is up 1 cent as I write.The range was 398 3/4 to 395 3/4. I believe the contract could trigger higher prices if the U.S. Dollar can cooperate with not having continued sustained breaks to the downside.

On the Energy Front rumors of an Iranian insurgency in Oil Fields in Iraq.This had traders pondering if they were really this crazy given their current political status.

Today is the first day of Winter and cold weather proves it's here. Today also is the last Trading Day of the January Crude Oil Market. We will now focus on the February contract. It is currently trading at 7480 which is 38 cents.The trading range is 7514 to 7402 as I write. The weather and U.S. Dollar and light volume in the Holiday Markets will factor in this complex.

Have a Great Trading Day !