Good Morning !

Alas the New Year is amongst us as we plot are course for a successful 2010 trading campaign ! We are ringing in the New Year with exteme cold and a U.S. Dollar taht continues to get battered which is propelling Commodity Prices across the board.

The March Corn is trading at 421 3/4 which is up 7 1/4 cents as I write.The range is 423 3/4 to 415 1/4 .I look for contined stregth in the Corn and the bulls to be very active.

On the Energy pulse Crude Oil is trading 8083 which is up 147 points as I write. Corn factors of weather and the U.S. Dollar woes factor in this sector as well.Also supples are not tight however Geo-Political factors are
in play here !

Have a Great Trading Day !