The March Corn is trading at 419 which is up a 1/2 of a cent as I write. The range has been 420 to 416 3/4. A little slow down in the running of the Bulls. Bears seem ready to pounce if they smell correction.I still remain bullish in the grand scheme of things.

The U.S. Dollar is trading at 7763 which is down 20 cents.

The big question is, did the bulls overreact in yesterdays trading session given all the reports due out this first week of the year ? Or will we find a trend that will be our friend? Staqy Tuned and Focused !

On the Energy Front Natural Gas is pulling back the reigns from yesterdays large gains.Crude Oil is not pulling back from their gains. Steady to choppy trade going into the weekly inventory numbers. You must Key on the U.S. Dollar,Cold weather Snap and Geo-Political news which will force the markets next move !

Have a Great Trading Day !