Good Morning !

The World Markets continue to slide on growing fears of the Possibility of a Greek debt default. This trickled in the Energy Markets with May Crude currently trading at 8516 which is down 72 points as I write. The range has been 8588 to 8488 so far. This economic news may wane some bulls out of the market. The only bullish news I see is Major General Hassan Firazbadi of Iran was quoted Iran would respond to any attack from the United States by hitting U.S. Forces in the Middle East. This saber rattling could spark some bullishness back in the Energy Markets.

However,the spotlighr for now, is the debt crisis.

On the Corn Front were trading at 353 ¾ which is down 2 ¾ cents as I write. The range has been 355 ¾ to 353 ¼ so far. With weather forecast promising better days ahead and and the U.S. dollar trading higher should put some more pressure in the planting season.

I still am looking for bottoming action soon.

Have a Great Trading Day !