Musician Dan Peek, of the popular folk rock band America, is dead at the age of 60. The Grammy award-winning artist passed away at his home in Farmington, Missouri on Sunday.

While the cause of death is unknown, Peek's wife found him dead in bed on Sunday, according to his father Milton.

Peek and his band America rose to fame in the 1970s with gems like "A Horse with No Name," "Sister Golden Hair" and "Lonely People." He went on to quit the band in 1977 to work on solo projects, paving the way for contemporary Christian music.

His album, "All Things Are Possible," earned Peek a Grammy award nomination in 1979 and the title track the first contemporary Christian hit to appear on the Billboard music charts at the time.

His fellow band members, Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley, continued with America and released more than a dozen albums, including 2007's "Here & Now," the group's first major studio album in over two decades.

"It was a joyous time for the three of us, full of excitement and laughter. We created lasting music together and experienced a life that we could have never imagined," Bunnell noted in a statement.

In 2004, Peek released "An American Band," an autobiography documenting his experiences with the drugs and alcohol filled life of being a rock star and his discovery of spirituality.

A funeral is scheduled for Aug. 1.