After her absence from last week’s episode of “Dance Moms,” Abby Lee Miller will return with a vengeance in episode 27. Following her fight with Kira Girard in episode 25, it appears Abby will take out her frustrations on the dance mom's daughter, Kalani Hilliker, in the upcoming Season 5 installment.

The synopsis for “Abby vs. Kira…AGAIN!” reveals the ALDC [Abby Lee Dance Company] will visit Arizona, Kalani and Kira’s home state, for their weekly competition. But before the competition, Kira will start some trouble with Abby in Los Angeles. 

“Kira is still dissatisfied with Abby’s treatment of Kalani, she brings in reinforcements from Kalani’s past,” teases Lifetime’s synopsis. According to the summary, Kira’s actions will pose “a direct threat to Abby.”

“What’s your story?” Abby asks Kalani’s longtime coach, Alexa Moffett from Club Dance, in the episode 27 teaser. (Fun fact: Alexa is sister to Kalani YouTube channel co-star, Addison Moffett.) When Alexa responds saying she is just there “to teach her student,” Abby rants about Kira’s decision to bring in another instructor.

“I cannot believe how disrespectful Kira is being. She’s made it quite clear that I do subpar choreography,” Abby tells the cameras. “Remember, you left your studio for a reason.”

Despite Abby’s upset, Kira says she thinks bringing in Alexa will showcase her daughter’s true talents. “I know Abby is mad but Alex is gonna show the type of dancer that Kalani really is,” Kira says in the preview. 

But will “Dance Moms” viewers get to see Kalani perform? “Kalani should not be dancing period!” Abby yells in the teaser. A second promo for the forthcoming episode shows Abby’s assistant, Gianna Martello, telling Kalani to “wait this one out" backstage at the competition. When Kira asks Abby why Kalani is not dancing with the rest of the group, Abby says she has changed her "tune." 

“This is like punishment then?” Kira inquires. Abby doesn't answer, but later shot in the preview shows Kalani in tears and walking away from the competition with her mom.

Watch the first promo for "Dance Moms" Season 5, episdoe 27 below:

While it appears the brunt of Abby’s upset is with Kira, it is worth noting that Abby’s longtime rivals, the Candy Apples, will make an appearance in Tuesday’s episode. “The Candy Apples are back with a surprise guest and they’re ready to capitalize on ALDC’s current misfortunes,” teases the network.

What will Cathy Nesbitt-Stein have up her sleeve? Will Kalani be allowed to dance? Will a visit to Arizona result in a win for ALDC? Find out all that and more below, but be warned, there are some major spoilers for Tuesday's episode!

According to one “Dance Moms” spoiler site, episode 27 will be a big success for Abby’s elite junior team. The site reports that ALDC placed first in the junior division and first overall with their contemporary number “The Panic Room” at Xpression Phoenix Invitational on May 2. Meanwhile, the Candy Apples placed third in the teen division and did not place in the overalls for their contemporary number “Famous, Infamous.”

Fans can rest easy knowing that despite not allowing Kalani to compete in the ALDC’s group number, she did compete a solo at the event. She placed first in the teen division, first overall and reportedly received a "Heavy Belt Champ" award for her high-scoring contemporary routine, “The Investment."

“Dance Moms” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.