Episode 8 of “Dance Moms” Season 5 will pick up right where last week’s installment left off. When Abby Lee Miller discovers her student, pop singer Mackenzie Ziegler, signed a contract to star in YouTube sensation MattyB’s music video without her final consent, the coach will threaten to “shut the shoot down,” Lifetime’s synopsis teases.

“I don’t like people going behind my back,” Abby says in a promo for episode 8, “Wild West West Coast, Part 2.”

Despite Abby’s threats, it appears she allowed some of her students to star as backup dancers for MattyB. In the “Turn Up The Track” music video — released Feb. 13 — Nia Frazier, Kalani Hilliker, Kendall Vertes and ALDC guests Sarah Reasons and Brynn Rumfallo can be seen. In Mackenzie's absence, it appears ALDC newcomer JoJo Siwa may have snagged the lead role.

Unfortunately for JoJo, her music video gig may not be enough to keep her in Abby’s good graces. “The fact of the matter is I am serious about making changes on this team,” Abby says in a second promo for episode 8 as JoJo and Mackenzie are seen performing their “I Love Lucy”-inspired duet. “I won’t tolerate any mistakes,” Abby adds.

While Lifetime isn’t revealing which dancer will be on Abby's chopping block — surprise, surprise, it won’t be Maddie Ziegler, who is off shooting Disney’s “Austin & Ally” — the network is saying at least one team member might be getting the ax Tuesday. “Abby announces she is cutting one dancer," reads the synopsis. The announcement will reportedly cause the moms to “fight tooth and nail to secure their daughters’ spots on the team.”

Competition results:

With Abby’s threats lingering over the elite junior team’s heads, were they able to pull out a win? We’re so … unsure! Unlike previous competitions attended by the ALDC for Season 5, the results of Starbound’s Nov. 22 event in Fallbrook, California, are unknown. 

While no official results have been released by Starbound, one “Dance Moms” spoiler site is reporting that Mackenzie and JoJo’s musical theater duet took home fourth at the competition. One of the ALDC’s group performances, “No Laughing Matter,” is also rumored to have placed fourth.

Episode 8 of “Dance Moms” Season 5 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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