Abby Lee Miller’s inter-studio rivalry will take a back seat on next Tuesday's episode of “Dance Moms,” with Miller’s elite ALDC competition team going head-to-head with Studio Bleu of Ashburn, Virginia. Despite having only one week to prepare before competing against the award-winning team, Miller shockingly decides to scrap her studio’s group number ahead of the big day, as seen in the promo for episode 24“Abby-phobic.”

“Now I had a brilliant idea about a group number, but I don’t think we’re going to do that number this week,” Miller, 47, tells her elite team and ensemble group guest star, Jade Cloud. “I don’t have a theme. I don’t have music. I’m choreographing this routine on the spot. I don’t have a clue.”

Unsurprisingly, Miller’s uncharacteristic plans to scrap her original dance leaves her students' moms visibly shaken. “She has no dance! What is she going to choreograph? She has no music!” says an exasperated Holly Frazier after witnessing her daughter, Nia, 13, and the other ALDC girls standing around Miller's Pittsburgh studio instead of practicing their group routine.

“Abby’s never done this before. [She’s] totally unprepared, with no idea what we’re performing,” mother Christi Lukasiak said of Miller’s decision. “It’s nuts, even by Abby’s standards. “

[SPOILER ALERT] Unfortunately for the ALDC, Miller’s failure to properly plan resulted in her team’s group number, “Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself,” walking away with a mere second place at Imagine National Dance Challenge in Woodbridge, Virginia, May 24, one "Dance Moms" spoiler site reports. It is unknown if Studio Bleu’s group routine placed first.

Studio Bleu’s soloist and Miller’s former student, Kaeli Ware, also beat out the ALDC, as the 14-year-old dancer’s lyrical number “Proud” reportedly took home the teen division’s first-place trophy. Chloe Lukasiak, who celebrated her 13th birthday with the show’s cast and crew at the event, placed third with her lyrical solo. Cloud's routine reportedly took home a second-place win.

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