Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler took their final bow during Tuesday’s Season 6 finale of “Dance Moms” but it wasn’t the celebration their mom thought it would be. Melissa Gisoni made it clear she was upset with how Abby Lee Miller treated her daughters in episode 18 of the Lifetime series, “One Last Dance.”

At pyramid, Abby grants Mackenzie, 11, and Maddie, 13, solos for their final week at the ALDC. She reveals Mackenzie will be competing an acrobatic jazz number “Hero,” while Maddie takes on the contemporary category with “Hostage,” a dance inspired by the film “Room.” Abby also gives a newcomer, mini team member Areana Lopez a solo, which she dedicates to her disabled brother. When the moms discover Areana’s solo has a better narrative, they make sure to point it out to Melissa.

Holly Frazier says it’s clear Abby resents the fact Maddie and Mackenzie are leaving and that’s why she’s “lashing out.” Jessalynn Siwa comments Abby is trying to hide her feelings and Ashlee Rumfallo says she’s shocked Abby does not have more emotion about the Zieglers leaving. Despite being seemingly shunned by Abby, Melissa can’t hold back the tears during rehearsals. 

“I’m not really ready for it to end,” Melissa says. Jill Vertes jokes she was faking about leaving the whole time, but Melissa confirms it is for real. 

When Areana’s mom Sari reveals her disabled son will be visiting the weekly competition to see his sibling dance, Melissa interrupts her and asks that the mom make the finale week about her daughters. “This is supposed to be Maddie and Mackenzie’s great week for fun stuff and now it is not even about my kids at all,” she complains. When one of the mothers calls Melissa out on her actions, Melissa responds, “This is my kids last week, honey. Make it nice.”

At the competition, the moms discuss with Abby that the elite junior team will never be the same. Abby remarks she’s not sad Maddie, Mackenzie and Melissa are leaving, saying she’s more worried about her current students.

After Maddie and Mackenzie bring down the house with applause and tears with their solos, Abby ignores them afterwards in favor of congratulating Areana for her equally emotional performance. Maddie and Mackenzie return to their teammates ahead of the weekly group routine. Before going onstage, Abby summons them for a pep talk about their hip-hop routine “Lady Bosses” and also gives a dig to the Zieglers. 

This will be the last time that I work with Maddie and Mackenzie. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s wonderful. It’s kind of like when you graduate from high school and you’re off to something, maybe not better, maybe not bigger, but different, but you’re excited about it, so it’s not a bad thing, it’s not a sad thing. It is, maybe, perhaps for some of you, a blessing in disguise. You never know what your future holds. They don’t. They think they have it all planned out. Maybe, maybe not, who knows? Just saying.

When the moms are disappointed in Abby’s pep talk, the mini dance moms say it may be payback for how they treated them during the week. Kira Girard stands up for Melissa, making it clear Melissa and her kids are responsible for paving the way for the mini team. Melissa storms out when the conversation escalates making sure to tell the new moms “Your kids will be nothing!" and "The fans will not love you!”

At awards, Maddie comes in first with her solo but Areana beats out Mackenzie, placing second overall. Despite Mackenzie’s loss, the Zieglers get their chance to shine when one of the judges brings the trio onstage to share their parting thoughts. The family thanks Abby for all she’s done for them over the years and Maddie tearfully says goodbye to her teammates. Mackenzie, too emotional to share her thoughts onstage, tells them to the camera instead.

Backstage, the moms surprise the elite junior team with a party. Abby arrives and announces her mini team will be on the pyramid as official ALDC members after the break. When Holly asks Abby if she has any parting words for the Zieglers, she says she doesn't. She does, however, offer critiques to Maddie and Mackenzie regarding their solos. Melissa gets upset by Abby’s lack of emotion during the goodbye and Abby responds by telling Melissa she should be “grateful.”

“Overall our time at the ALDC has been fabulous, exciting, adventurous," Melissa tells the camera. "More good times than bad time for sure.”