Abby Lee Miller is preparing to face off against a judge as she's tried for bankruptcy fraud -- but is she ready? The star of Lifetime's hit series "Dance Moms" has reportedly put her legal team to work, trying to put the case off for some time. 

According to Deadline, Miller's attorney filed a second motion seeking more time to file necessary pretrial paperwork ahead of the case. With new materials being presented to Miller's legal team, the FBI, IRS and other entities, Miller is requesting that the deadline be pushed back nearly two months. She is currently being asked to present all documents to be used in her case by Dec. 17 and has asked that the date be changed to Feb. 1, 2016. This is the second extension Miller has reportedly sought in the case. Her first request was made Nov. 3, one day after she entered a not guilty plea.

In addition to fighting a tough legal battle, Miller is said to be feuding with "Dance Moms" producers. She first opened up about her on-set issues in a newsletter released Dec. 8. In the letter Miller warned "Dance Moms" fans not to "believe anything anybody says" about her absences in Season 6. She shared with readers that she was "no doubt" fighting with a specific producer on the series, but refused to name any names. She chalked her butting heads with the show runner on the "cockamamie ideas" they continually offer up, saying she's forced to take them and turn them into dance routines that look good on the stage and fit with their audience. One routine in particular rubbed Miller the wrong way. In the newsletter she detailed a request from the male producer for a dance about teen pregnancy saying she was forced to "put my foot down."

Recent reports suggest the legal drama coupled with her issues with "Dance Moms" producers has made Miller a "full-on bully." As International Business Times previously reported she is said to be making threats about kicking people off the show for speaking about her in a negative light to the press. Miller is reportedly attempting to control what "Dance Moms" stars do and say and it's effecting her relationship with the show's stars. The mothers in particular are said to be "afraid of her."

Miller was charged with fraud in October. She is being accused of hiding more than $775, 000 from the IRS. Miller filed for bankruptcy in 2010, which U.S. Attorney David Hickton is now challenging. The specific charges against Miller include bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets and false bankruptcy declarations. She is facing up to five years in prison if found guilty.