It appears Abby Lee Miller has lost another member of her elite junior team. On Tuesday’s Season 5 installment of “Dance Moms” Kalani Hilliker and her mom, Kira Girard, emotionally declared their decision to part ways with Abby’s studio. Following the premiere of episode 27, titled "Abby vs. Kira ... AGAIN," the dance mom is speaking out about her daughter’s decision to quit the team.

In the episode, Abby told Kalani, 14, one of the oldest ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) performers, she was pulling her from the group dance in an effort to lower the team’s overall average and keep them from competing in the teen division. Abby's decision came directly after Kira brought in Kalani's original coach, Alexa Moffett, to help choreograph her daughter's solo. After Abby pulled Kalani from the group dance, the show went on to feature the performer competing in her solo, titled "The Investment," winning the entire competition and then tearfully announcing her departure from the team.

"She doesn't want me there, so what's the point of being here?" Kalani said. "I have a dance teacher that wants me at dance class every day and that's what I deserve."

While Kira isn't revealing her daughter's future on the series just yet, she did slam the series' editing following the episode's premiere. According to Kira, the events of her daughter leaving were shown out of order. “Lets get the editing straight [Kalani] walked out as soon as she was pulled NOT after AWARDS! She made the decision BEFORE!!!!!” Kira wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

On the show, Kalani was seen standing backstage at the awards ceremony instead of onstage with her teammates. Kira says this is evidence Kalani parted ways with Abby before winning the entire competition. 

Kira went on to slam Abby for allegedly failing to provide her daughter with an appropriate costume.

So, will Kalani and Kira be back? “Dance Moms” fans will have to tune in to find out! New episodes air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.

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