As if 'DWTS' wasn't star-studded enough, iconic singer Cher is expected to be in the crowd to cheer on her son Chaz Bono during week four of Dancing with the Stars, which airs tonight.

The infamous singer Cher, who needs no introduction, promised DWTS contestant son Chaz that she would be there to cheer him on.

She texted me right before Monday's show and said, 'I wanted people to be able to feel your presence and not take away from that and I think you've made your presence known now,' 42-year-old Chaz told People. So I texted her back and I said, 'Okay, so if I make it through this week that means you'll come to Monday's show?' And she said, 'Yes.'

Chaz, who had the lowest score last week with partner Lacey Schwimmer, was saved by the fan vote.

Mother Cher, who has been an active supporter, tweeted her hopes he will make it through to compete in week four.

God hope Chaz hangs on till next week so I can come sit in the Audience & Watch, Cher tweeted. The next night, she thanked fans for their votes, which secured a spot for Chaz this week.

Looks like I'll be in the audience next week, lovelies! she tweeted Tuesday.

According to Bono, Cher, his stepmother Mary Bono Mack, and possibly other family members will attend on Monday to root on Chaz as contestants drop on DWTS. However, Chaz said he is not worried about performing in front of his family, as Dancing with the Stars racks up nearly 20 million viewers during its air time.

The pressure of wanting to do good for all the people who are supporting me is so much more intense for me than having my family in the audience rooting for me, Bono says. It should be a very fun night.

However, other contestants are worried to dance in front of the Goddess of Pop, though they know they will not receive her vote.

I hope I do a good performance for her, Ricki Lake said.

Here is Chaz Bono's week three performance on Dancing with the Stars.