The pilot of United Express aircraft made an emergency landing at New York’s Newark International Airport safely with its defunct front wheel Monday evening.

The passenger plane carrying 71 people aboard miraculously escaped a terrible crash as the flight landed with its nose down on the runway after its front landing gear collapsed, Daily Mail reported.

Flight 5124, heading from Atlanta to Newark, landed around 6:20 p.m; the passengers were immediately evacuated with no injuries reported.

Passengers told reporters that they were asleep when the alarm to get into crash position was raised and said that the entire credit for landing the plane safely goes to the pilot.

The delayed air travelers were not earlier informed about the landing gear collapse of the passenger jet.

It was horrible. We kept circling and circling, it was so nauseous, and finally they told us what was going on. They didn't want to tell us, a passenger told NY1.

Once they said, 'We have to make an emergency landing to get gas,' everyone on the plane was like, 'Ahh!'

The Newark Liberty International Airport was closed for an hour resulting in a two hour take-off delay of a couple of flights, including one from Toronto and the other from Chicago.

Officials said fortunately there were no reports of smoke or fire aboard the plane.

Check out the video here.