Studies have already shown that indoor tanning heightens the risk of fatal skin cancer melanoma. It actually increases to an alarming 75 percent higher risk. Despite this, a new survey has revealed that young women still continue using tanning beds at a rate that is very alarming.

During the past year, 32 percent of the total 3,800 asked in the American Academy of Dermatology Survey claimed that they went to a tanning salon before. Actually, 25 percent of them said that they soaked up UV rays from indoor tanning beds on an average of at least once each week. Adding up to this, a staggering 81 percent of all respondents have tanned outdoors.

According to this recent survey, young women are the ones who are highly at risk. Dr. Ronald L. Moy is a dermatologist and also the academy president. He said that exposure to ultraviolet radiation is the top risk factor for skin cancer but in spite of this, numbers of young women flock tanning bed salons, pools or beaches every year. Based on another survey taken over 116 cities around the U.S., there are 42 tanning salons each city. This has been very alarming because according to Dr. Moy, the increase in incidence of skin cancer will definitely rise up , especially in young people.

Rates of Melanoma have sky-rocketed over the last three decades, more particularly with white, young women. According to the academy, if trends remain, 1 in every 5 Americans will acquire skin cancer. This alarming data provoked the US Department of Health and Human Services and also the WHO International Agency of Research on Cancer panel to affirm that ultraviolet radiation from both artificial light and the sun as carcinogen.