Four-time star of the British secret agent movie, Daniel Craig, eyes Niall Horan to be the next James Bond. He said in a chat with Capital FM that he considers One Direction’s Niall Horan having a potential to fit the role. In fact, he regarded the Irish singer as a "fabulous" James Bond.

Capital FM’s Roman Kemp had an interview with Craig regarding the upcoming instalment of the James Bond 007 film, Spectre, J-14 Magazine reported. Although there is no update whether Spectre would be Craig’s last Bond film, he was asked on whom he prefer to be the next James Bond actor. Without hesitation, Craig blatantly answered that he eyes for Horan to be the next performer for the British secret agent. He even commented that Horan would absolutely be a fabulous James Bond.

Craig also agreed that Horan would be a good choice, when Capital FM radio host Kemp asked if Horan could do some justice on the role. Furthermore, Craig offered a brief advice to Horan, or to whomever the future Bond actor could be, to simply enjoy the film and try to make it as memorable as one can.

On the other hand, 1D’s Harry Styles previously said that the male group has not really contemplated far enough about what each of them could be doing in the future. The boy band plans to have a year-long break by 2016 and considers to re-group at a later time.

However, Teen Vogue had been getting clues on the future of the boy’s career tracks. Liam Payne is looking to reinvent himself as a song writer while Louis Tomlinson is planning to establish a girl group. Styles, on the other hand, has an impending big endorsement in Hollywood, and given Craig’s comment, there has been a buzz in the web regarding Horan’s chance to take the role.

Meanwhile, the all male group is set to conclude their “On the Road Again” tour on Oct. 31 in Sheffield.