Daniel Radcliffe made his debut at Comic-Con International 2014 Friday, when he unveiled a trailer for his forthcoming horror film “Horns,” an adaptation of a novel by Joe Hill.

The relevant panel discussion reportedly began with the whole crowd singing “Happy Birthday” to the star of the “Harry Potter” movie series who turned 25 Wednesday. The panel also included Hill and the director of the film, Alexandre Aja.

Radcliffe’s character, Ig Perrish, is a small-town boy who is accused of killing his girlfriend. He wakes up one morning to find a pair of horns growing on his head. Hosted by MTV News, the trailer shows Perrish’s journey from a distressed boyfriend to a vengeful man, as he seeks to find the true killer.

“He’s somebody who’s going through an incredibly torrid time in his life,” Radcliffe reportedly said of his character in the film. “He’s a true antihero.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, when Radcliffe was questioned by a fan about which acting medium he preferred, he answered: “Film is where I grew up, there is no greater place of comfort. ... All the things my teachers hated about me were now assets.”

However, the actor added, “Theater is a place where I learned to act better,” saying it requires a different set of disciplines. “But, gun to my head, [I’d choose] film every time.”

USA Today reported Aja said he was fascinated by the way Hill’s novel “takes the Christian mythology and uses it as an allegory of the most absolute and simple love story. It’s an interesting take on the fallen angel, someone who fell from grace and then tries to come back.”

Hill also reportedly said of the film that it is a throwback to movies of the 1970s, the kind where more than one genre is covered.

“I think that the human experience is richer than one emotional note,” Hill reportedly said. “And for horror to be effective, to care about the characters, it is good to see them in comic moments, in tragic moments.”

“Horns,” also starring Juno Temple, Max Minghella and Heather Graham, is slated for an October release in the U.S.