British bro-mance alert! Long before Robert Pattinson was a mega star, he was playing second fiddle to Daniel Radcliff in the third Harry Potter film. Yet in 2008 the tables turned when Twilight was released and no one could get enough of the phenomenon known as R-Patz. Yet the two actors have been greatly supportive of one another and they both top the Forbes list as two of the highest paid stars. In fact, Radcliffe thinks Pattinson is a hottie!

In an interview with, Daniel said: He's a sex symbol. He's sexy and just needs to do his brooding look for girls to fall. He has the perfect height to seduce girls, I'm the total opposite. He might be charming and cute, wild and sexy. I do not have this kind of status, just look at pictures in the press.

Radcliffe continued praising Pattinson and even put himself down. When we're put side by side, I look a little silly or I make faces whereas Rob always looks like a ladies' man. Therefore it doesn't help me when it comes to the ladies.

It may be argued that if the actors where women, they would be engaged in a bitter rivalry concocted by the media, much like the competition between Kristen Stewart and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence. But alas boy feuds are not as fun as cat fights.

Fans of both The Hunger Games and Twilight will be thrilled to know that Pattinson's wild and sexy physique will appear in a pre-film Breaking Dawn: Part 2 promo. A preview of the trailer has already hit the web and you can watch it below: