width=246News & Trends: For more than a century, Swarovski has been adding sparkle to the lives of many and has earned a worldwide reputation for producing brilliant, precision-cut crystals. Today, the brand is synonymous with luxury and continues the tradition of excellence that began so long ago.

While Swarovski has been around since 1895, the last two decades have marked a significant era of innovation and design. The Daniel Swarovski collection of couture jewelry and accessories celebrates its 20th anniversary with the release of 20 new bags and 20 new pieces of jewelry. This Autumn-Winter 2009/10 collection includes oversized rings, necklaces, gorgeous clutches and evening bags, each presenting an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Swarovski's latest innovation, the Pointiage® technique, involves a method of hand-setting, which ultimately enhances the crystal and illuminates its sparkle. With their audacious designs and harmonious curves and shapes, the Celebrity, Precious and Star rings are each examples of this technique at work.

width=202 Exclusive to the collection are vintage stones that can be found on several pieces, including the Hot Couture necklace, the Homage bag and the Mirage bag with its impressive clasp in Jet Hematite crystal. The collection's superb craftsmanship is also showcased through the Revelation and Opus bags, each requiring more than 30 hours of work to embroider the delicate crystal beads.

The Swarovski Group is divided into a wide rage of brands including CRYSTALLIZEDTM, STRASS®, and Swarovski Optik which offer fashion accessories, crystal living objects such as chandeliers and high-definition optics. Over seven million admirers of the brand have visited the Swarovski Kristallwelten, a museum dedicated to the company's innovation. Close to 350,000 individuals also belong to the Swarovski Crystal Society, a group for those who collect Swarovski's signature crystal figurines.

Let's face it, anything adorned with Swarovski crystals is just that much better.