According to multiple reports, the 48-year-old former reality television star is dancing completely nude at Scores gentleman's club in Manhattan.

This is not Staub's first stint as a stripper. Before her break on The Real Housewives of New Jersey she was a dancer at a Miami gentleman's club, more than 20 years ago. Her past in Florida has been troublesome. In Charles Kipps' book Cop Without a Badge, the author write about Staubs past in the criminal world. She is also quoted having said that she had sex with more than 1,000 men. Scandal follows her though, as she recently appeared in a celebrity sex tape.

According to a report by, Staub signed a three-year contract to dance at the club and appear on the club's website.
While her days as a Housewife may be over, Straub is not hiding from cameras. She is set to appear in an upcoming VH1 reality TV series with Heidi Montag, from The Hills and Jake Pavelka from The Bachelor. In the show, the three will attempt to open a restaurant together.