The Danity Kane reunion guessing game continues after both Aubrey O'Day and Dawn Richard have altered the release schedules for their solo albums. 

Reunion talk hit at an all time high when former DK members Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, O'Day and Richard were photographed following a recent recording studio session. But now it appears things may be moving even more quickly than expected.

During an Aug. 4, Ustream session for her new album "Between Two Evils," O'Day revealed that she is rushing the release of the EP due to a "new project" that "presented itself in the beginning of the year."

"I'm going to be jumping over to something that I really believe in and that I really want to do and I'm very passionate about seeing through," said O'Day. "So I am going to deliver [Between Two Evils] to you guys immediately."

Much like her former bandmate, Richard also appears to have altered the release date for her sophomore solo album to make time for a "special project" of her own.

In a reply to a backer's question on the Kickstarter page for "BlackHeart," she let it be know the project "most likely won't be released in October" as planned "because we have some other great news in the works." This is even more peculiar considering that she released the album's lead single, "Meteors," in July. 

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10 Dawn Richard told a fan on the Kickstarter page for her sophomore solo album that the project "most likely" won't be released in October. She had been promoting that release month as recently as July. Photo: Reuters.

Either these two ladies have some eerie connection when it comes to unnamed "new projects" or the highly anticipated DK reunion may actually be happening before the year is out. 

But until an official announcement is released, we'll simply have to keep putting the pieces together and hold onto hope that more DK domination is only a few months away.