Fashion & Style: The wildly eccentric style of couture-clad, skunk-haired and stilletto-wearing beer heiress Daphne Guinness has inspired designers and fashionistas alike for years.

But this spring/summer '10 season, it's her intangible aura that has the most draw. During New York Fashion Week, Jason Wu's models sported hair and makeup taken directly from Guinness' complicated updo's and stark makeup. Comme des Garçons, meanwhile, recently tapped her for a fragrance collaboration in an attempt the capture her essence in a bottle.

The limited edition fragrance-appropriately called Daphne-is composed of scents from her personal memories: incense, bitter orange and tuberose. She created an anti-commercial commercial for the perfume, which is so abstract that it awakens a range of emotions, dreams and recollections.

Jason Jean, creator of, cites Guiness as one of his first subjects: I camwidth=202e across Daphne as she was leaving Pastis with her friends and what struck me most in her is the presence that she carries. And I'm not only referring to the badger-striped hair that is part of her trademark, but the sartorial inspiration that she has. Daphne has a unique style like no other and it's a style that completely defines her.

Despite her famous last name-and the inheritance to boot-Daphne is her own woman: edgy, experimental and one of a kind.