It's not easy looking chic when you're rocking a beach ball sized bump.

Moms-to-be know the dilemma well. But mega mamas like Angelina Jolie,

Courtney Cox and Christina Aguilera have found Timi and Leslie diaper

bags to be just the fix in the bag department post baby bump. Why lug a

pink elephant carry-on size diaper bag when one can sport a well

tailored eye-catching bag disguising all hints of baby wipes and


That's what Leslie Newton, the designer behind Timi and Leslie, asked.

She decided to answer with Timi and Leslie's line of convertible

handbag and diapers bags which sport buckles, soft leather, classic

shapes, and more-really everything you'd want in a great bag, diaper

holding or not. I love the Timi and Leslie striking teal and brown

Aurelie double handle satchel. It's deep enough for holding my laptop

and notebooks but chic enough to go from office to night. I also found

the bottle holder to come in handy as a mini cooler for my fruit

smoothies and the waterproof lining has saved me twice from ill fitting

water bottle spills. Bonus: the bag has garnered lots of compliments,

none of which were related to diapers.