Game company Auroch Digital is rebooting the cult classic board game “Dark Future” from Games Workshop -- and it’s getting rebooted in a big way. Originally, the "Dark Future" board game was released in the late 1980s, but now Auroch Digital will be bringing the game to mobile devices sometime this winter, with a new title called “Dark Future: Blood Red States,” further emphasizing the dark and corrupt nature of the game’s setting.

It seems that the timing for a “Dark Future” reboot was quite precise, as the incredible success of “Mad Max: Fury Road” shows that there is still a big interest in the post-apocalyptic market. “Dark Future” seems to have taken some cues from the original “Mad Max” series and the “Judge Dredd” comics, due to how dark and cynical the game’s future setting is.

According to Gamezobo, fans can expect plenty of guns and insane car wrecks in this mobile turn-based strategy game that also mixes things up with real-time car combat sequences. Just like the “Mad Max” films, it seems that vehicular-based combat will be one of the game’s main focuses, making this mobile game incredibly faithful to its original source material.

The original “Dark Future” boardgame pitted players against each other in various car-chasing sequences. Some players would have to do their best and outrun the opposing team while the other players would be trying to take down the escaping assailant.

It seems like those scenarios can be fully re-enacted with “Dark Future: Blood Red States,” thanks to the game’s focus on car chases and car crashes. The only thing that seems missing so far is a multiplayer mode. A report from Touch Arcade notes that “Dark Future” would be the perfect game to support a multiplayer mode, especially since it was originally based on a board game that people played with their friends.

No official gameplay videos or images have been released for "Dark Future: Blood Red States," though fans can check out the game’s wicked trailer below. Thanks to the popularity of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” it appears that people will be keeping an eye on this post-apocalyptic mobile title.

Dark Future: Blood Red States - OFFICIAL TEASER TRAILER! (Credit: YouTube/Jimmy .'Auroch Digital GameTheNews' James)