Since the release of the trailer and the six minute prologue, there have been many rumors surrounding The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight Rises is the highly anticipated third installment to Christopher Nolan's Batman series. Nolan promises an epic tale that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.   

Omeed Asadi is an expert on the Dark Knight Rises. Since the movie's conception, he has been closely monitoring the status of it and what people have been saying. In fact, he is the head writer and operator of his website, Asadi also runs a technology website called

In the past two weeks, there has been so much speculation on the film. Now, there is speculation based on something tangible, Asadi told IBTimes, referring to the release of the trailer and the prologue. One of the things I found interesting was the Christopher Nolan confirming it takes place eight years after the Dark Knight.  Asadi says that based on the rumors and confirmed pictures, Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, has graying hair and is not as bulky. Asadi also noticed that Bruce Wayne appears to be walking with a cane.

 That would work well with the comic book, says Asadi. That would make perfect sense for what would be happening. He explained that in the comic book Knightfall, Bane actually broke Batman's back, putting him out of commission. He says there is a rumor that Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway, could take Batman's place

If Batman's back was broken, then that is a perfect place for Catwoman to step in to protect Gotham, says Asadi.

Bane's mask is also a hot topic for Batman fans. Asadi questioned how the signature mask of the super-villain will play out in the film.

That was one of the biggest rumors going on, he says. Was the mask keeping him alive? Asadi says that the mask does not keep Bane alive, based on his reaction in the prologue.

He said it would be extremely painful, suggesting it is just an aid to him, he says.

Rumors have also been circulating that Occupy Wall Street will also make an appearance in the movie. Asadi suggested that one percent versus 99 percent could be a potential theme in the movie.

That might be something Bane and other villains use in the movie, he says. He also cited what Catwoman says to Batman in the trailer.

In the new trailer, it looks like she is at a masquerade ball. She is wearing a kind of mask and kind of goes to Wayne's ear and says 'There is storm coming.' Asadi says that could be reference to the citizens of Gotham being tired of Bruce Wayne's wealth and power, especially since there appear to be a few riot scenes in the movie. However, Asadi admits that that quote is overblown just a bit and people are looking way into that quote. He also said that while there might be some elements of rich versus poor, but it is doubtful that will a major theme.

Asadi also says he expects Scarecrow to make an appearance in the film. He has already been slated to appear.

Obviously Nolan loves using Cillian Murphy whenever he can, says Asadi. He speculated on his role in the movie suggesting that Scarecrow, who is in prison, may break out with a slew of other inmates and assist Bane in his struggle with Batman.

In his own opinion, Asadi says he was worried about how smoothly the plot will flow. However, based on the previous films, he is confident in the cast and crew, especially Christopher Nolan.

He said that he already feels like the plot is a bit cluttered, but I know he will make it work.

Watch the prologue here.