The hyped trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has generated quite a buzz since its debut with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 on Friday. Fans have been scouring online for the 1:30-minute teaser trailer.

Some of the clips were rehashed from the previous Nolan Batman films, but several brief excerpts of Bane and Batman were revealed. The characters were cloaked in shadow and the only actors speaking were Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Christian Bale. There were no scenes of Catwoman or other cast members.

The trailer began with clips of Batman Begins playing over Liam Neeson speaking about becoming a legend. Then Commissioner Gordon is seen lying in a hospital bed appearing to be near death during a conversation with either Batman or Bruce Wayne. He pleads for Batman to return as evil has been rising. The trailer then reveals very short shots of supervillain Bane staring into the camera, then cuts to a fight scene with Batman backing down from an approaching Bane.

Fans also got to see an official poster for The Dark Knight Rises, which depicts a crumbling skyline of Gotham's buildings that forms an outline of the Bat symbol. The image from the poster could also be seen in the recently released trailer.

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