There will be a lot of partying and drinking this weekend around the country for Super Bowl weekend, especially in New York and New Jersey. But there is also a dark side to all this fun, and that comes in the form of prostitution, sex trafficking, illegal drugs and gambling.

Those engaged in such criminal acts can expect to make trillions of dollars around the country, and the issue of human trafficking in particular is now a concern for New York and New Jersey. On Wednesday evening, just days before the big game, an NYPD operation busted a huge sex-and-drugs ring near Super Bowl Boulevard that had 18 different operators and suppliers.

The operation was created to derive a huge profit from the Super Bowl through sex-and-drug parties. Reporter Christopher Harress was able to investigate the story of Clemmie Greenlee who became a victim of human trafficking when she was abducted at the age of 12 in Nashville.

Her story confirms the cold facts about human trafficking and how the vicious cycle was repeated when her son became a drug user himself, and was murdered at a young age. Now, after rehabilitation, she has dedicated her life to tell her story as a warning to the world.

But not everyone is as fortunate as Clemmie, as human trafficking has become one of the world’s most serious problems. This Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. The black market will use this highly publicized event to make bank: by renting out apartment for an inflated price, buying drugs for a party or prostitution.