"Dark Souls 2" won't be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 until March 2014, but you can sign up for the beta here. Note that at this point, the signup for the "Dark Souls 2" beta is open only for European-based gamers.

The "Dark Souls 2" beta was originally slated to begin on Oct. 5, but has been pushed back a week to Oct. 12. A signup page for U.S.-based "Dark Souls 2" fans isn't up yet.

"Dark Souls" is an action-RPG that was widely acclaimed by critics. "Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition" has a formidable metascore on Metacritic with 85. "Dark Souls" for Xbox 360 has earned a Metascore of 89, while the PS3 version of "Dark Souls" also garnered a mark of 89.

At E3 2013, we learned that "Dark Souls 2" will be just as challenging to play as "Dark Souls," if not more so. You'll also be able to dual-wield weapons in "Dark Souls 2" and the available character classes will include a traditional warrior, a warrior that uses holy-esque magic ala the Paladin in "diablo 2" and others. "Dark Souls 2" will also feature a high level of character customization, but "Dark Souls 2" developer From Software was mum on the details.

Will you be signing up for the "Dark Souls 2" beta? Are you looking forward to the "Dark Souls 2" release? Sound off in the comments below.