Darrelle Revis’ season seemingly ended on Sunday when he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. The Jets head coach, however, isn’t ready to officially end any chance of the cornerback's return.

Rex Ryan says the team won’t place Revis on injured reserve, in case he would be ready to play in the Super Bowl. New York doesn’t expect the defensive standout to come back this year, but Ryan says there’s a .0002 percent chance that he would be able to play in February.

It would unprecedented for Revis to get back on the field in less than half a year. Rehab for an ACL tear usually lasts for around eight months.

Jerry Rice made the mistake of trying to come back too quickly from an ACL injury, during his playing days. The former wide receiver tore his ACL in 1997. He returned four months later, in hopes of playing in the postseason. His first game back, Rice fractured his kneecap.

Revis is set to have surgery in the next few weeks. He’ll likely go on IR after the operation, but the Jets are waiting before they make their decision.

With their best player going down for the rest of the season, it would be very tough for New York to make a Super Bowl run. According to the online betting Web site Bovada, the Jets odds of winning the title are 40/1. They have the seventh-best odds in the AFC.

New York hosts the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.