Volkswagen USA has called on the Dark Side for help in selling its cars.

In a commercial which aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, a young child wearing a Darth Vader costume while a foreboding theme from the Star Wars movie plays is shown attempting to use the “Force” on various household items to no avail.

When a car arrives in the driveway, the child hurriedly steps out to attempt using his powers on the car. The father in the car, whom Little Darth ignores, steps into the house.

Darth tries again when suddenly the car’s headlights flash and the horn goes off. The child steps back startled.

The father, looking through a window inside the home, gives a knowing glance to the child’s mother while moving his thumb away from the car alarm keychain button.

Little Darth suddenly looks around wondering if anyone saw what he just did, and the commercial ends.