New reality TV stars Malika and Khadija Haqq of the Kardashian spin-off series “DASH Dolls” are not off to a good start. Just two episodes into the show, the sisters are not speaking to each other. They are going in different directions instead of being the leaders of the pack, and Kim Kardashian tries to help solve the problem.

The conflict between the sisters started in the premiere episode last week. Malika didn’t feel like Khadija was showing the right level of commitment to get their career back on track.

The girls ended up causing a lot of tension in the DASH store because the other employees could see that they were not speaking. Kardashian had to step in to tell Malika that she needs to start thinking about how she can move forward without pressuring her sister to take the same direction in her career.

In a video clip shared by E! Online, the reality star told her friend that sometimes one needs to be able to stand on her own in order to move forward. She tells Malika that she should stop thinking of their career as a package deal. 

Things got so heated between the sisters that their mother had to intervene. In a behind-the-scenes clip shared by E! Online, Malika and Khadija are seen airing out their differences in front of their mom.

In last week’s premiere episode of the new E! reality series titled “DASH Dolls,” the Haqq sisters were hired by the Kardashian sisters. They were given the task of handling the affairs of the girls’ clothing stores called DASH. They are also there to manage the group of employees, who are nicknamed DASH Dolls.

Unfortunately, both Malika and Khadija also have other showbiz ambitions for themselves. Apart from starring in the reality show, both girls agree that they want to revive their acting career. Their careers were put on hold a few years ago, when Khadija went off to get married and have kids.

When they got offered a chance to pose nude for Playboy, Malika jumped at the opportunity. Khadija was uncomfortable but agreed to do the shoot. She was able to get a few semi-nude shots in, but she backed out when they were asked to go completely naked.

"DASH Dolls" airs every Sunday, at 9:00 p.m. EDT, right after "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," on E!.

Source: E! Online