Last Sunday on “DASH Dolls,” Durrani and Shalom’s relationship hit a dead end. Meanwhile, the girls go on a Miami trip that becomes really awkward for Taylor. The employees of the Kardashians' DASH stores provide more than enough reality show drama just like their bosses.

Taylor has just broken up with her boyfriend, Ryan, and she’s ready to mingle. The girls go on a night out and she runs into Ryan’s friend Derick. She and Derick used to always get along so she decides that Ryan doesn’t need to have sole custody of his friends.

The two of them start hanging out and Derick invites the DASH Dolls to go to Miami for the weekend. Melody, Durrani and Nazy agree to go. Durrani is bringing her boyfriend, Shalom, to the trip and thinks that Nazy should bring her guy, Josh.

Nazy is a little apprehensive because she still isn’t ready to officially be in a relationship with Josh. Durani convinces her and things turn out great at the beginning because Josh is good company and he’s able to help Shalom be more comfortable in the company of all the girls. He even turns out to be a knight in shining armor as he stands up for Nazy, when a guy makes nasty comments about her. 

Things start to head South when Taylor and Derrick start to get too cozy with one another. The other Dolls start to question if Derrick has any interest in Taylor beyond friendship. They all agree that it wouldn’t be in good taste for Taylor to hook up with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend so soon after the breakup.

While having a blast at one of the parties that Derrick arranged for the group, Taylor comes up to him to thank him. In the heat of the moment, as it was meant to be, a hug turns into a quick kiss. Everyone sees it and Taylor starts to feel awkward about it.

The next day, Taylor decides to speak to Derick about the incident. Luckily, they are on the same page. They agree to let the incident go. They decide to move on as friends and not let the incident ruin their friendship.

Elsewhere, Nazy and Durrani are out shopping. When they see a shop that sells wedding gowns, they decide to try on some dresses for fun. Shalom spots one of the photos in Durrani’s phone and starts to freak out.

As seen in a video clip shared by E!, he confronts her and asks her where she thinks their relationship is headed. She get upset and starts to cry when he says that their relationship is a dead end. Shalom is a Jew and Durrani is a Muslim. He knows that her family will have an issue with their relationship.

He tells her that he doesn’t think that they could go anywhere because of their religious differences. Durrani gets even more upset and asks why they are dating in the first place. He then starts to bring up the tough questions about her family and how they will dictate who she can date or not.

Things start to get sorted when Durrani says that she doesn’t care what her family thinks about her relationship. She tells Shalom that it is her life and her happiness, so she will do whatever she wants even if her family doesn’t agree.

This seems to go well with Shalom and he finally agrees to give it another try. He even goes a step further and introduces Durrani to his cousin. They have a traditional Jewish dinner and Durrani makes the effort to learn more about Shalom’s family and culture.

More drama awaits this season on “Dash Dolls.” The show airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EDT on E!.